As the new season rolls around as quickly as ever, the art world is having to find different ways to do things. The effect of the Covid pandemic is felt widely and many artists and galleries are struggling. We are a long way off from establishing where this is going to end, but the prognosis is not looking good. As I write, in my area a digital version of Somerset Art Weeks Open Studios is taking place with only some studios open by appointment only (on until 4 October). I wish all participants good fortune in these challenging times.

There have been changes for me too as, after fifteen years, my involvement with the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust finally came to a close at the end of August. I have been working with Wilhelmina Barns-Graham’s art since I re-joined the Scottish Gallery when they opened their London gallery in 1989. Thirty years is a long time and I feel very privileged to not only have known her for nearly half of that period, but that I was able to help raise her profile when working with Clare Cooper at Art First. My time with her trust was also extremely rewarding. As chair, and with the support of the trustees, it was a wonderful experience working to raise her profile even further while delivering on the Trust’s aims and objectives. To find out more about her and her Trust, visit where there is a fabulous range of her work to be seen. While you are there, take a look too at the Articles section which link to the art displays.

Bertram Arts new FEATURE FOCUS is on the sculptures of Peter Hibbard. His abstracted figures lie very much in the Modern British sculpture tradition. You can see six pieces in the round on the FEATURE FOCUS section. I first came across his sculptures being exhibited locally, in my village in fact, during Somerset Art Weeks in 2017. I was immediately taken by them and I hope you will be too. These six works are small in scale, tabletop pieces which are easily placed.

In the coming months I will be organising my Old Master print collection into some sort of order with the intention of creating an exhibition which I can share with you. If you would like a preview of the collection’s content you can see this on a Facebook forum Old Master Prints and Drawings which I have been contributing to regularly since last November. Right now there are about 150 posts. They are short but informative. All can be read here.

With the resurging virus, please stay safe wherever you are.

White and black shapes flying over spectrum of blues

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham ‘Millennium Series Blue II’

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