Two travellers by a stream in a wood

Nicolaes Berchem (1620-1683) – Resting Herd  c1652
etching – trimmed to platemark 26.6 x 21.2 cm
Unframed – Price : £200

‘Berghem fe’ top right  ‘3’ bottom left corner

Reference: Hollstein 10   Bartsch v.260.10    Weigel 1843-297-10   Dutuit 1881-

Condition: Good impression in overall good condition. Anomalies – has small holes in parts including on top left, on rear of ass, on right edge, near goat – though these do not detract from image. Nicks on edge of paper lower left and top right outside of image. Laid on conservation Washi paper as support.

For information on Nicolaes Berchem click HERE.


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